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Hello, I am Gill who is based in Tenterden, Kent and I travel across the UK to give you independent bitting advice. 


These are few reasons why it should be part of your normal Equestrian routine to get your bits professionally selected and fitted.


Whether you're trying to address a specific type of bit evasion, looking to gain extra marks or simply want peace of mind that you have the best possible choice to suit your horse and you the rider.


A large part of selecting the best bit for your horse is influenced by your horse's facial conformation.

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Approximately 45 minutes 1:1 appointment depending on the horse and riders specific problem or needs. 

Clinics & Groups

Each consultation lasts approximately 45 mins but as every partnership is unique this may run over. 

I am happy to see 8 horse and rider combinations in one day and can stay overnight and continue the next day for large groups.


About me...


Over 20 years ago I owned a horse that presented with a control issue, which I thought required and could benefit from a change of bit. All I was told was to use bits that were "stronger"  with no explanation of how they effected the horse and worked in the mouth and surrounding facial areas..... this to me was not a logical approach and so my naturally inquisitive nature took over...…. 


The more I spoke to all sorts of equestrian professionals it became evident that there was very  little in the way of specific Bitting specialists or accurate product knowledge backed up by, hands on knowledge and experience.


My quest for knowledge has taken me to the United States and Europe and many training opportunities across the U.K.  I have worked with bit manufacturers, instrumental in design and promotion. Working in tandem with associated professionals in the industry such as Equine Dentistry,  Physiotherapy, Sports massage therapist, saddlers, Professional trainers and the many horses and riders I have work with on a daily basis.


With  the knowledge I have accumulated over many years I am now in a position where I feel comfortable sharing and training others to bit their horses more responsibly.. Insuring the horse is more comfortable and responsive whilst remaining physically and mentally more relaxed and willing and able to move naturally. 



ONLINE BITTING SERVICE…..what’s involved?

  • Download the form below and fill in.  The form details the payment process, and asks for details regarding your horse and current bitting situation.

  • Once payment has been made and the form should be returned by email or a message App i.e. WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram or similar.

  • Send two videos showing walk, Trot, Canter on both reins with comments about what you would like to improve or change. Also send pictures showing the existing bit, from each side showing how it is fitted to your horse with the bridle.

  • Gill will then analyse all the information provided and make a written report.

  • We then will make a time slot for a video or phone conversation with Gill to explain her findings and recommendations.

  • This will be followed up by sending the written report via email.

  • Download 'what's involved' here.

Cost per Horse from £40 (paid by bank transfer)

Download this form. Complete and email to

horsebitadvice@gmail.com or a messenger app!

The Benefits

Your horse will only learn what it is taught......

 If your horse is resistant or becomes argumentative toward the bit or you consistently have reoccurring flexibility issues or you simply feel that you are frustrated and or deflated with you lack of progress

This could be a symptom of the wrong Bit, its action, shape suitability to your horses unique mouth conformation, understanding signals and distribution of pressure

Benefits for Both

Better Acceptance to the Bit = connection, engagement, regularity of pace/gait

Quicker response = Rider confidence, improved steering/flexion

Independent self carriage = correct muscle build, reducing muscle soreness and fatigue

Happier Horse -  Reducing pain and injury to mouth, more able to attempt exercise correctly without suffering unnecessary discomfort 

Happier Rider -  Gaining confidence, self improvement with position and effectiveness - peace of mind

Not wasting time or money on the wrong bit 





Find out more and download our What To Expect Consultation Guide

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Joe Bright - Bright Dressage

I am delighted to sponsor Joe who is a UKCC accredited Dressage Trainer in Kent, who trains and competes horses from Novice to Grand Prix. As a coach Joe can help you reach your best potential. Services he offers at his yard in Otterden, Faversham, Kent are Dressage Training, Rider Training, Competition Riding, Horse Sales, Livery Services and Clinics. 

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