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On first appearance we will make a pre-ridden assessment - looking at facial conformation of your horse, discussing any concerns or problems that you may be experiencing, and signs of evasion related to the bit.

The horse is then ridden in its normal tack/equipment whilst we observe, assessing for signs of evasion. This gives the rider chance to impart as much information and feedback as possible helping to build a picture to assist the bit change.

We will then discuss with you the key points that need to be addressed and agree a realistic aim of bit change.

We will select and explain the bit choice, fit, and guide the horse and rider through the transition to the new bit.

Finally, when we can agree that an improvement has been achieved, any recommendations will be recorded on the Bitting form and the rider will be able to source the bit at the best price.

Our appointments last approximately 45 minutes on a 1:1 appointment depending on the horse and riders specific problem or needs. 

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