Approximately 45 mins depending the horse and riders specific problem or needs

  1. We will make a pre-ridden assessment - looking at the facial conformation of your horse - discussing any concerns or problems that maybe influencing an evasion

  2. The horse is then ridden with by the usual rider and tack/equipment whilst I observe signs of evasion and the rider can impart as much information and feedback as possible

  3. We will discuss the key points that need to be addressed and agreed a realistic aim of bit change.

  4. We will select and explain her bit choice and fit to the horse and bridle and the rider will be assisted by me on how to transition to the different feel and way of going

  5. Finally when myself and the rider have agreed that an improvement has been achieved my recommendations will be recorded on the Bitting form and the rider will be able to obtain or source the bit.


  *Please note I request that the horses teeth and back and saddle should have been checked within 12 month.

To download our online leaflet and view payment details click HERE.


The Bitting Consultation 

Clinics / Groups 

Each consultation lasts approximately 45 mins but as every partnership is unique this may run over

Gill is happy to see 8 horse and rider combinations in one day and can stay overnight and continue the next day for large groups.


Payment cash -  bank transfer

Large groups - or Bitting's over 20 miles will require a deposit

Bits sold or ordered must be paid for on the day