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"He is a different horse! We are both much more relaxed and able to communicate"

"Wow!  Second proper ride with the new bit and it feels incredible already!"

"This course really helped me to tune in my eye to horse and rider biomechanics"

"I can't believe the difference I felt with the Quantum straight away... Insane!"

The Quantum Bridle co-designed by Gill Batt

Quantum 2 trans logo.png

HBA Sponsored Riders


Jo Bright

Joe is currently competing at PSG,

he also coaches and takes horses

for training.

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Millie Kemsley

Millie Kemsley is a fabulous young dressage rider who enjoys sharing her journey with her horse Flo.

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Katie Radzik

Katie is an FEI Grade 4 Para rider who is part of the world class Podium Potential Pathway Programme.

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Jess Upton

My names Jess and I compete at 90-95. My plans for the year are; stepping stones final, blue chip finals and pony of the year show. Next year I am planning to step up to newcomers - fox hunter. I have 3 BS ponies, priestwood special edition, Shannon legacy and trefflon drywden.

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